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Forever And Evil

Don"t say 'Ka' 'till you've tried it.

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King of the Pumpkin Patch - Bonus Material

Absolutely fantastic mix created by piratekitten! It's called Fairy Nightsongs and is way amazing, and you should go listen to it ASAP.

01. A Place In Time intro - Amanda Abizaid
02. Edge of Dawn - Gary Stadler ft Stephannie
03. Sylvan Spirits - Nox Arcana
04. This is Halloween - Danny Elfman
05. Autumn - Classical New Age Solo Piano
06. An Paistin Fionn - Niamh Parsons
07. Fairy Dance - James Newton Howard
08. First Try - Brendon Urie
09. Moon Dance - Danny Elfman
10. Echoes - Jason Hayes
11. Fantastic Garden - Bruno Coulais
12. A Place in Time - The Landau Orchestra
13. Alice (Underground) - Avril Lavigne

Download it here.

Go tell piratekitten how much you love it. Because you will.

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media fire says its blocked for violating terms of service :(

Try this? I'm not having any problems, but then I'm signed into my account.

I've changed the official link to the new one piratekitten provided, let me know if it still isn't working.

I'm glad that you like it! It seemed apt for your fic. :)

EDIT: Due to a service violation (and I imagine I know what it is), the new link should be: this one. I am really sorry for the inconvenience :(.

Edited at 2012-09-06 04:04 pm (UTC)

I love it so much! I listened to it three times back to back in the car yesterday.

Thanks for the new link, I've updated it so everything should be fine now.

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