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Forever And Evil

Don"t say 'Ka' 'till you've tried it.

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26 May
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I get to talk about me! ^^

Which is ironic, because I don't like to talk. I'm a writer, and speaking freaks me out. I've been writing for the better part of 15 years and even if I make my living selling coffee at Starbuck's, it's what I'm going to do. I'm currently in college majoring in Creative Writing. I love Fanfiction a lot and the Winchester boys. I usually switch obsessions every two months so my four months and counting - SPN streak is actually rather impressive for me.

I love retreating into my little protective bubble of music. I love sitting in the cafeteria with my friends and having every one of us be from a different country. I love (to hate) math. I love watching people. I love to oggle good-looking guys. I love getting e-mails and being on the phone with my parents. I love my beautiful kitty and I miss her. I love my family and friends and drinking warm beverages and dancing. I love Cuba Libre and fruit cocktails and lying in the sun. I love water and warmth and California. I love change.

Maybe I'm living in my naive little world that has nothing to do with what life is really about, but the view is really nice.

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